Tim Komberec, CEO Named Executive of the Year by Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance

Hayden, ID (March 15, 2018) Tim Komberec, President & CEO of Empire Airlines, Inc., has received the prestigious award of Executive of the Year from the Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance./p

The award was presented to Mr. Komberec on February 13, 2018 at the 17th annual conference held by the Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance at the Lynwood, Washington Convention Center. The Executive of the Year award is given annually by the organization in recognition of the executive that has made a significant contribution to the advancement of the Pacific Northwest aerospace industry./p

“It is truly an honor to receive this award and to be recognized by peers in the industry. The credit really goes to our wonderful employees and great customers.” says Tim Komberec./p

“PNAA is excited to present Tim Komberec the Executive of the Year Award,” said PNAA’s Chairman Ted Croft. “His leadership has taken the company to incredible heights and has launched ventures to carry them through the future.”/p

Mr. Komberec has been President & CEO of Empire Airlines, a commercial carrier services company, since 2000. He has overseen the successful operations of not only Empire Airlines, but the company’s subsidiaries: Empire Aerospace, LLC; Empire Unmanned, LLC; and Ohana Airlines passenger services in Hawaii. Any of Empire Airlines’ employees will readily verify that Mr. Komberec is an executive leader that leads by example, espousing to his teams integrity, accountability, dependability, innovation and excellence in customer service./p

In addition, Mr. Komberec currently serves as the Chairman of the Regional Air Cargo Carriers Association (RACCA), past Chairman of the Idaho Workforce Development council, member of the Board of Directors for the Regional Airline Association, member of the Coeur d’Alene Airport Advisory Board and member on the Jobs Plus Board. He is also a board member and past President of the North Idaho College Foundation./p

Tim Komberec is a professional pilot who has flown over 13,000 hours as an airline pilot, check airman and flight instructor. He has managed every aspect of the flight industry, including airline fleets from small turbo props to large jet aircraft. His expertise, insight and creativity continue to drive Empire Airlines and the company’s divisions./p

The Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance (PNAA) is an organization dedicated to fostering innovation, collaboration and commerce for the aerospace industry in the Pacific Northwest. The organization’s efforts are aimed at furthering the growth and success of local aerospace companies. PNAA’s annual conference brings together the highest-level aerospace executives and companies in the Pacific Northwest, and acknowledges the achievements of the most outstanding aerospace executives and companies./p


 About the Company

Empire Airlines is a 40-year-old company located in Hayden, Idaho. The company started out as a passenger carrier, but is now primarily a commercial carrier. One of Empire Airlines’ largest clients is FedEx. Empire Holdings, Inc. owns Empire Airlines, Inc., Empire Aerospace, LLC, Empire Unmanned, LLC and Ohana Airlines, a passenger services carrier in Hawaii.  With a “We can do that!” attitude, the company has approximately 350 employees. Some of Empire Airlines’ core competencies include: building and repairing aircraft, training and educating flight crews and mechanics, weather and flight path monitoring, air cargo services, passenger services, the mentoring of startup airline companies, and commercial UAS/UAV services to several industries. The Empire family of companies is dedicated to sustainability and giving back to the community, and the companies and their employees are very active in community programs.

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