WELCOME | Michael S. Oswald, Chartered

Michael Oswald is the founder of Michael S. Oswald, Chartered, and serves as outside General Counsel to a variety of companies.  He makes sure that each company’s legal needs are handled at the right time and by the right lawyer.

Michael describes himself as a business guy who also happens to be a lawyer.  He has been the full-time general counsel of four technology companies, and the first lawyer hired at three of those companies. He has over 30 years of business and legal experience, which he combines to provide concise, realistic advice to the executives who run the companies that he serves. One of his favorite things to do for a business is to take their standard sales contract and strip it down from an unintelligible 20-page monstrosity to a concise, 4-page document that is easy for their customers to understand and to sign!

Michael has experience in a number of industries, including Aerospace/Defense, Construction, Real Estate, and Technology (Hardware, Software and e-Commerce). He is also certified to teach Real Estate Law by the Idaho Real Estate Commission.

Michael loves living in Boise, Idaho!  He grew up in Silicon Valley, earned his law degree at Santa Clara U., and worked for Control Data Corp. and Lockheed Missiles & Space Co. He has also had the pleasure of living and working in Austin (Lockheed), Colorado Springs (Ford Aerospace; Excel, Inc., a government contract claims consulting firm), Austin again (SEMATECH R&D consortium; ichat, Inc.), and Orange County (NowDocs, Inc; Lantronix, Inc., and SRS Labs, Inc.).