Aerocet, Inc. Receives FAA Approval For 6650 Floats

6650 TSO PR rev 1Priest River Idaho based float maker Aerocet, Inc. has been given FAA approval of their model 6650 amphibious aircraft float to Technical Standard Order TSO-C27 for Twin Seaplane Floats.

The next phase of approval, in order to install the floats onto an aircraft, will be getting the STC which is close to completion. Aerocet has installed the 6650 amphibious floats on three different Quest Kodiak 100’s and initial float performance results once again include the Aerocet signature characteristics of being quick on the step, having a super large “sweet spot” and picking up a few knots in speed.

The Aerocet 6650 model composite floats include unique features like strong and light weight blends of carbon fiber materials, designed to be tough, light weight and eliminating the problem of corrosion and leaks inherent with aluminum.

Trailing arm oleo main gear make for wonderful landings. Safety is enhanced in the model 6650 floats by making the top deck flat with molded anti-skid , easing embarking and disembarking.

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