ASU Introduces New E3 Lightweight Night Vision Goggle

(ATLANTA, Ga., — March 6, 2019) Aviation Specialties Unlimited, Inc., (ASU) announced at Helicopter Association International’s annual convention, HELI-EXPO, in Atlanta that the company will offer a special introductory rate and package for its new E3 Lightweight Night Vision Goggle. 

To celebrate the release of the new E3 Lightweight Night Vision Goggles, ASU is offering a special rate of $11,995 for those who commit to preorder the first (100) E3 goggles with serial number 1-100. The offer includes the Aeronox™ mount and battery pack for free and a one-year warranty. Early adopters will also receive a special plaque of recognition. This limited offer is only valid for commercial customers and does not include federal or military organizations.

“We’ve received encouraging feedback from pilots who have flown with our E3 prototypes,” said ASU President Jim Winkel.  “The industry has been asking for a lighter weight solution for night vision goggles for years.  We listened and invested.  Every gram matters!  First, we designed a new, robust, fully maintainable and lightweight Aeronox™ mount and battery pack.  Then we launched development of our new E3 goggle and are in final qualification testing.  We were able to take more than 200 grams of weight off of the NVG users flight helmet, while improving functionality and performance.  Our TSO application for Aeronox™ mount and battery was submitted in December, 2018.  We anticipate submitting our TSO application for E3 during the first half of 2019.”

ASU has been known for its global presence during the last 24 years by selling and servicing NVGs, modifying cockpits and training pilots and crew members. New nighttime operations have been made possible because of ASU’s pioneering efforts.  Now ASU is being reimagined as a manufacturer too.

“Most don’t realize that ASU has been conducting imaging and electro-optical research and development for years,” said Chief Technology Officer Dr. Joseph Estrera. “The introduction of the new E3 affirms that ASU is not solely a value-added reseller but is, in fact, an innovator and now an original equipment manufacturer.  The E3 is currently in the final stages of testing and findings to date look promising. We feel confident that this will be a highly demanded goggle.”

With flight testing complete and environmental testing underway, ASU is working to have the E3 goggles in production by the third quarter of this year. Down payment on the E3 preorders will be due when ASU sets the official production dates.

“I have been flying with night vision goggles for years,” said ASU Pilot and NVG Instructor Kim Harris, who was the first to evaluate the E3 prototype in flight. “The E3 was easy to adjust and the optical quality was equivalent to the very best aviation NVGs currently available.  Most notably, the 30% reduction in goggle weight reduced neck strain and eliminated the need for extra counterweights which drastically improved the comfort.  Increased range of eye span adjustment and tilt on the E3 combined with greater vertical travel on the Aeronox™ mount, will provide greater adaptability for a wide range of users.”

ASU will continue to sell and service existing NVGs and remains authorized to repair and service L3 and Harris manufactured goggles.

“ASU has a long-standing record of working with the goggle OEMs and will continue to foster those relationships to continue to meet the needs of the industry in the best way possible,” said Winkel.

Attendees of HELI-EXPO are invited to visit ASU’s booth C1435 for a reception Wednesday, March. 6 from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. to see and demo the new E3. ASU will have letters of intent on hand for those ready to commit to preorder for one or more of the first 100 goggles.  More information about the E3 can be found online at

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About ASU:

Aviation Specialties Unlimited (ASU), established in 1995 is a leading innovator in night vision imaging system design, manufacturing, installation, certification, sales, training, and service.  ASU serves customers around the world with onsite training, cockpit modification, service and support.  For additional information call +1 208-426-8117 or visit

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