Black Sage & Raytheon Team Up

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Even as the threat of drone attacks increase to an alarming level in the civil and military domain, Raytheon, which has developed a range of counter-drone technologies, has teamed up with Black Sage, an Idaho-based company, to provide an integrated drone detection and mitigation system for civil authorities, critical infrastructure and military organizations around the world.
The partnership, announced on day two of the ongoing Paris Airshow, provides a counter-drone solution that is safe enough even for heavily populated areas such as airports and cities. Although designed primarily for urban environments, the systems can be successfully operated even in military bases.
The number of commercial drones is expected to triple by 2023. The number of militaries using drones have gone u as well, from just one in 2004 to 32.
To safely counter drones, Black Sage’s sensors, AI, and radio-frequency jammers have been integrated into Raytheon’s Windshear command and control system, thus allowing a single operator to control a network of sensors and effectors that safely and quickly track, take over or land drones flying where they shouldn’t.
“As we saw at Gatwick and Heathrow airports, drones operating inside commercial air corridors are posing a real challenge,” said Todd Probert, vice president of Raytheon Intelligence, Information and Services. “And though Raytheon has developed a range of counter-drone systems, from missiles to lasers to high-powered microwaves, authorities also need a system that can safely stop and land a drone where it may not be safe to shoot them down. That’s why we’ve teamed with Black Sage on a solution safe enough to operate in a populated area.”
Raytheon’s counter-drone systems include high-energy lasers, high-powered microwaves, missiles and expendable unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). “We have built an integrated family of capabilities to deal with all kinds of threats,” Probert told reporters. “As the threat evolves, all of the solutions are going to become necessary.”

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