IDA Southern Idaho Meeting 1/16/14


The IDA held its first official South Idaho meet & Greet at PKG Interface Solutions January 16th with a record turnout of over 60 people.




 Those attending learned the history and goals of the IDA from its President Jim Glenn who came down from Coeur d’ Alene for the meeting.


JimG IDA Meridian


Jon Frank from PKG gave a overview of the company’s products and services along with an introduction of the company’s management team. 

The featured speaker of the night was Steve Edgar from ADAVSO  (Advanced Aviation Solutions)  and also its President. Steve explained the Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) industry that is evolving in Idaho. Steve is a retired United States Air Force Colonel and fighter pilot having flown seven different types of aircraft. Steve has also spent many hours at the controls of unmanned aerial vehicles around the world and has very impressive knowledge that he shared with the group.




A special thank you to PKG and their team for letting us use their beautiful state of the art facility.






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