Aviation Must Face Up to Prospect of Long ‘COVID Overhang’, Says Alton Aviation Consultancy Report

As countries gradually lift quarantine
measures and selectively resume domestic
and international travel, we are cautiously
optimistic that the deep crisis phase may
come to an end in the not-too-distant future.
In the Covid overhang phase, expect further
dips and rebounds as various global regions
get hit by recurring waves of virus until a
vaccine is widely available. While it is unclear
how long this period will last, we expect at
least 18-24 months until air travel settles
down into the New Normal.
For industry stakeholders, this means
bracing for challenging times and managing
ambiguity – but also an opportunity to
restructure and come out of the crisis
stronger than before.

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Rural Payette Perfection

Teton Machining Solutions in Payette, Idaho, serves the aerospace industry with high quality machined parts by Northwest Aerospace News Magazine Jim Franklin, sales manager for Teton

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